HOLLYWOOD – Studio Exec is proud to present an EXCLUSIVE: pictures of the new Batman costume to be worn by Ben Affleck in the forthcoming Superman Vs Batman.

The new Arse-nel will come in handy while tussling with the Man Of SteelBen Affleck says he’s ‘super pumped’ about the new version of the classic costume.

The pump action ass rocket is really going to level the playing field in terms of how Batman deals with an array of foes and allies. It’s a weapon, a rewarder and a mode of transportation. 

Can you give us any more details on what to expect from this radical new costume?

The big surprise is that the pump action ass rocket can suck as well as blow. So one minute I’ll be blowing WHAM! say the Green Lantern, as he tries to come at me with his impressive ring. Then KAPPOW! I switch to the front mechanism and KERSUCK! Superman!

Affleck also teased that there could be a crossover with Cher’s Aquaman in the movie.

All depends on her schedule. I invade Aquaman’s cavern and, using my sucking action, completely drain the joint. And I’m all like. ‘Do you believe in life after SUCK!’ 

Replicas of the new costume are now available from industrious cosplayers via Tumblr. 
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