Hushpuppy and her pappy live – with all her pets – in the Bathtub, a shanty town Bayou community,  where she blow torches breakfast and goes to school to hear some hippy spout scary survivalist nonsense in a no bullshit bullshit way. Hushpuppy longs for her mother and is troubled by visions of a future in which huge boars descend on the world and destroy everything. Storms, melting ice caps, the end of the world, great soundtrack.

In 2012 Benh Zeitlin made a bid for most misspelt director, toppling M. Night Shyamamammamlanalan-ammma-ding-dong from a title he’s held for almost fifteen years. His first film is zippy visual treat with a winningly zesty narration from his young lead Q. Wallis and a great turn by grocery clerk, Dwight Henry as her dad. With its pace, wit and visual verve, this was one of the most interesting films of 2012, but beware, behind the smoke and mirrors of its style and charm there’s a bizarrely Ted Nugent view of the world.

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