NEW YORK – Barack Obama interviews God for his new show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction…

Netflix dropped the first episode of Barack Obama’s new in-depth chat show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, featuring an interview with God. Lasting fifty minutes, the interview covered God’s basic biography while revealing a few intimate details like the relationship with his son Jesus.

‘When it came that first day I had to leave him on Earth, I was … I was emotional. You know you see them grow and then what do you know there already right there, ready to go out and lead a ministry to save humanity from eternal damnation. And I’m not going to lie the crucifixion was hard for a father to see.’

They talked about a man who inspired them.

‘Morgan Freeman is an inspiration to me. Not simply because he’s a great actor. Not because of the beautiful timbre of his voice – my what an instrument – but because he didn’t get a break until he was in his fifties. Can you imagine that? All that work and it took so long. What dedication!’

God also asked Obama some questions. Specifically about the new President. But as skillful and tactful as ever, Obama refused to be drawn and turned the interview towards God’s hopes for the future.

‘There a such a huge amount of inequality out there. I see people hungry, people without homes. I think there but for the grace of me goes me. I can’t work it out. I put enough stuff down here for everyone. And yet some people have more than they can ever possibly use and others have nothing. I can’t help but feel that’s on you guys.’

Barack Obama will interview Buddha and George Clooney on the next episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix.

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