back to the future remake.

HOLLYWOOD – Robert Zemeckis has officially confirmed that a reboot of the Back to the Future trilogy is rolling into production.

“It’s definitely going happen,” said Zemeckis.

We started off with three scripts. One is a shot-for-shot remake and the other is set in the modern era. We decided to go down the modern road because it will be more appealing to the younger audience and allows us more creative freedom. We also liked the idea of changing the gender of the lead characters so Marty McFly will be played by Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep is on board as Doc Brown.

Asked about the third script, Zemeckis chuckled:

Ah, it was just a bit of fun. Basically Marty went back in time and finally consummated his relationship with his mother. It was called Back to the Motherf*cking Future but in the end, we decided to play safe.

Twitter went ballistic when Zemeckis revealed his cast and the hasthtag #BoycottBacktoTheFuture trended throughout the evening. Here is a sample of some of the outrageous outrage:

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The Back to the Future reboot is due in 2018

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