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LONDON – Hi I’m Molly Ringwald. You might know me from such films as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club.

What you didn’t know is that I’m also an agony aunt! Ha ha, I know. The British newspaper The Guardian has made me one, because… well, actually I don’t know. They’re basically star f*ckers with very little journalistic integrity I suppose!

So when best pal The Studio Exec asked me if I could basically do the same job for him, I thought ‘Hell, what was copy and paste invented for if not for this!’

So here we go:

Dear Molly,
Last year my husband died. We were married for fifteen years and it was one of those marriages like in the story books. We loved each other thoroughly and were so happy together. However, he had a massive heart attack while playing five aside football one day and died. It was like a bomb fell and destroyed my world. Since then the only thing I have to numb the pain is alcohol. I always enjoyed a drink, but now it has become my only refuge. I have lost my friends over it and my mother has taken our children into her home because she believes my house is not a good environment for them. I no longer go to work. I just stay in and drink. I know that I am damaging everything and that my husband would be appalled at my behavior, but the grief is overwhelming and the only viable option I have to alcoholism is suicide.
Please help me Molly.

Dear Grieving Alcoholic,
Hmmmm. Your situation is a little grim. But there is hope. Take the situation of my character Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club. Yes, she was a beautiful girl, a ‘princess’ as Judd Nelson calls her repeatedly. But she had problems too. She was expected to conform to what everyone expected and she wasn’t free to hang out with people who were different from her peer group. She even got a detention because she was what we would call nowadays ‘acting out’. And yet that detention, that seemed like a bad thing at the time (like your husband’s sudden death) actually meant she made friends and for once had a good honest look at herself – not to mention I got to kiss Judd Nelson, every girl’s dream. So I think you’ll find although things look dark now things will change and you too will walk away from your old life to the strains of Simple Minds playing over the end credits!

If you have a problem write to and mark clearly in the subject box ASK MOLLY.

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