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HOLLYWOOD – Following his Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, Asif Kapadia has been commissioned to make a new film about popular mid-Eighties rock band Half Man Half Biscuit.

Formed in Birkenhead Merseyside in 1984, Half Man Half Biscuit first gained international fame with the album Back in the DHSS and despite splitting up at the end of the decade soon reformed to produced a string of chart topping albums, including This Leaden Pall, Achtung Bono and This is Godcore. Asif Kapadia spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec at Cannes:

I’ve never known a time that I did not know Half Man Half Biscuit. I think that that  like many people I listened to them at school. I watched them on Live Aid and on MTV. Their videos, the magazine covers, everything they did, I followed. To be honest when I made my film Senna, I wasn’t that interested in Ayrton Senna or motor racing and likewise with Amy Winehouse for Amy. But with Half Man Half Biscuit… this is my passion project.

Founding members Nigel Blackwell and Neil Crossley have disassociated themselves from the film and are refusing to cooperate with Kapadia, but the filmmaker is unfazed.

I think the guys have every right not to be involved. Obviously I’d prefer their blessing, but when you have been subject to the media scrutiny these guys have, I totally understand them wanting to protect what little shred of their privacy they have left.

The documentary will be made up of extensive use of stock footage and concert film, and will it is believed include revelations of Tranmere Rovers support and Ribena addiction.

Half Man Half Biscuit Full Disclosure will be released in 2016.

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