HOLLYWOOD – It’s the romance of the year: Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman in the Universe Mila Kunis is getting hitched to the ex-Mr. Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher, but before then Leslie Ann Zola and Alan Shepperton – Mr. Kutcher’s and Ms. Kunis’ publicists respectively – are also going to tie the knot.

Shepperton explained:

Ashton and Mila have been spending a lot of time together and for busy and fantastically successful film stars that means we have to organise their schedules to make that happen. This in turn meant that myself and Ms. Zola were also spending a lot of time together, phoning, emailing, lunching and, I’m happy, to say having vigorous athletic sex that was wonderful for both of us and very exciting.

The engagement was announced in the press kit for the upcoming Kunis/Kutcher betrothal. Mila Kunis described the happy coincidence as ‘super neat’:

This way we’ll be like a gang. They would have had to spend quite a lot of time coordinating our stuff anyway and now they can do it from the same premises and downsize their staff, while passing on those savings to us.

 The ceremony is to take place at an undisclosed location in Malibu and will be attended by high-powered entertainment professionals such as Angelina Jolie’s publicist, Alec Baldwin’s publicist, Cate Blanchett’s publicist and Ben Stiller’s publicist. 

Ms. Zola’s ex-husband Demi Moore’s publicist has given his blessing and is also expected to attend. 

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