REVIEW – Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is clever science fiction which manages to escape its essential silliness.

There’s a lot that is silly in Arrival. Forrest Whitaker’s husky soldier is one of them, with his peremptory attempt to recruit Amy Adams. She is a linguist and aliens have arrived. We need to know what they’re saying. Jeremy Renner is another scientist, tagging along to say some funny stuff. The light relief to Adams’ mopey egg head. See there seems to be some Sandra Bullock like grief to contend with but don’t rush to judge. Villeneuve is on a role at the moment. And he has a habit of making the silly luscious and strangely smart. Prisoners was a mess but looked great. Sicario is a masterpiece. And we’ve still got his Blade Runner sequel to contend with. He even makes aliens that communicate via coffee rings seem deep, so I think we’re in safe hands.


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