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HOLLYWOOD – Police in Lake Elsinore, California, have issued a warrant for the arrest of Ariana Grande following the release of a video that shows her licking donuts.

Riverside County public health officials reviewed the surveillance footage, which appears to show Ariana Grande and backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez, as they “maliciously lick” donuts on top of a counter. Grande and Alvarez visited the Wolfee Donuts shop and during the visit what is called in police parlance a ‘licking incident’ took place. The owner of the shop informed the police of the incident and a SWAT team was sent to the Donut Shop but Ariane Grande nad Alvarez had already escaped.

A spokesperson for the police said:

What we are concerned about most of all are copy cat incidents. Ms. Grande is a very popular young woman with a lot of fans. If even half of them decide that this kind of behavior is ‘cool’ then that is enough to cover all the donuts in California in in teenagers’ spittle. We have to say this is personal for the police. We love donuts. That isn’t a cliche, it’s just absolutely true.

If found guilty, Ariana Grande will be sentenced to death.


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