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CUPERTINO, CA – The new iPhone 6 was revealed today at a special presentation at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California and there was a surprise: it’s edible and delicious.

Creating a buzz around what is essentially a corporate event has become the hallmark of the ground-breaking tech giant Apple, and today was no different as CEO Tim Cook took the stage. First of all was a basic run through the large screen and the way the icons switch with a horizontal viewing mode. But the main surprise when Cook suddenly said, ‘You know what I’m famished’ and to audible gasps took a bite out his new phone.

The gasps and shock were replaced by shrieks of bafflement and then hysterical maddened yelling, usually heard on a passenger jet as its engines fail and it plummets towards the ground, followed off by a round of applause as once more Apple’s blue sky thinking won the day. Xavier Poulis Swiss Tech Expert told Studio Exec of his first impressions:

The iPhone is a real advance on the iPhone 5 which frankly you can throw on the ground and stamp on now. Tomorrow morning they’re just so much embarrassing stupid boxes. The iPhone 6 has all the amazing features and functionality and plus it is delicious, with a wide variety, a menu if you will, of wonderful flavours available for download.

So what does it taste of as a default? Apples of course!

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