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HOLLYWOOD – Following the news that Antonio Banderas was to appear in Julio Iglesias biopic Begin the Beguine (Click HERE for more), it was revealed today that the Expendables 3 actor has lost his beloved hen Henrietta.

A distraught Banderas wailed EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

Henriette is my world. She’s all I have left. 

Speak calmly, what happened?

I was out celebrating the Iglesias role, the announcement I mean, and I came home a little late. I went straight out back to the hen house but my beloved Henrietta, she was gone. No note. No phone call. It’s happening again. All over again.

Maybe she’s just gone to stay with friends.

Do you really think so? I hope so… but no, she hasn’t got any friends. She’s a hen. You hear me? She’s a HEN!!! 

Banderas first met Henrietta following his divorce to Melanie Griffiths, while shooting an advert for Italian biscuit company Mulino Bianco. An insider close to the couple commented:

At first they tried to be discreet. Antonio was still fragile, but as the shoot went on it became obvious to everyone. They were always late to set, looking flustered, with their feathers out of place. It was obvious. 

As the relationship became more serious however, Henrietta expressed dissatisfaction at the progress of her own career which she saw as stalled. Banderas appealed last night to anyone who knows of Henrietta’s whereabouts to contact him.

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