WASHINGTON – Anne Hathaway has thrown her hat into the political ring to run for a congressional seat in the 2014 elections with more than one eye on the White House soon after. The speech was to a small Republican caucus but included some stirring oratory which had many reaching for their handkerchiefs.

The speech began with a nostalgic view of the past: “When men were kind, their voices soft, their words inviting.” Quoting Martin Luther King Jr. she claimed to have ‘dreamed a dream in times gone by’, but had recently eschewed progressive politics because of a change in the political culture which had caused her great personal anguish, specifically citing ‘this hell I’m living’. 

It was a nakedly emotional moment that had many in the audience respond to her vulnerability and lack of cynicism. Hathaway went on to warn of ‘Tigers’ whose voices she claimed were ‘as soft as thunder’.  And she specifically criticised unnamed men who would ‘turn your dream to shame.’

Many political commentators remarked that her programme lacked specifics and fell between two stools. Sarah Palin applauded Hathaway for managing to get through the whole speech “without once referring herself to the palm of her hand,” but remarked that she was annoyed at the reference to Paul Ryan as someone who had “taken her Springtime in his stride. Whatever that meant.”

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