NEW YORK –  The hit Kevin James ‘comedy’ Here Comes the Boom was everything cinema can be and more, and so it comes as no surprise that Andrew Lloyd Webber is putting on a major musical/theatrical ‘re-imagining’: Here Comes the Boom: the Musical on Broadway.

John Goodman is to play Scott Voss, a biology teacher who has to become a mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money to pay for the school’s extra-curricular activities. Mr. Goodman said:

I was drawn to the morality and the social conscience of the piece. Who – after all – is talking about the failing school system in popular entertainment, if not ‘friends of the people’ Frank Coraci and Kevin James? Plus I love the songs.

The Lord Lloyd Webber has completed the score with lyrics by Tim Rice, and the first two songs – ‘I Will, I Will, I Will (Punch Him in the Face)’ and ‘I’m a Biology Teacher (Not A Mixed Martial Arts Fighter)’ – are due for release early next week. Although the award winning writer of Evita and Cats did express some trepidation about the project:

Both the vision of Frank Coraci and the towering brilliance of Mr. Kevin James are difficult to rival. I tremble to even approach the material. And yet when I was watching the film for the fifth or sixth time I began to hum these tunes. And before I knew it, they had almost written themselves.

Nathan Lane will play Marty Strebb and Anne Hathaway takes the role of Bella Flores made famous by Salma Hayek. 

Here Comes the Boom: the Musical will open early in 2014.  

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