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HOLLYWOOD – Yesterday we saw what has become an all too common sight in this nation of ours. A woman in tears, a man reeling, the police stepping in, too late.

In the past seven years, Brad Pitt abuse has risen to epidemic proportions. Sociologists estimate that somewhere in the world a Brad Pitt is abused every seventeen seconds. And you can double that figure for China. 

Our politicians in Washington seem helpless, the international community indifferent, our leaders unable to act and the media point fingers, until the next news cycle. Only last year there was one incident of Brad Pitt slapping in broad daylight, an increase of 100 percent. 

This cannot go on. 

Please give generously and what you can’t afford to give steal from someone else and then give, and we will make sure that the likes of Vitalii Sediuk are never let near an innocent Brad Pitt ever again. 

Thank You.

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