AMOUR – REVIEW: Hilarious knock about comedy from guffaw bucket Michael Haneke, suitable for all the family.

Jean Louis Trigonometry and Emmanuelle Riva (not that Emmanuelle you sauce pots, the one you’re thinking of is … erm … dead) play old people – Georges and Anne – on the cusp of disintegration and death, getting up to all sorts of japes and laughs.

When  Georges finds out that Anne is losing it, they write a bucket list and go and have fun hot air ballooning over the pyramids and connecting with long lost siblings, rescuing a small Cambodian child in the process from a nasty drugs gang. Fuck no, that isn’t true. Actually they just stay in their flat, mostly and have a pretty rotten time of it. M. Haneke has the temerity and audacity and – if you will – honesty, to show us what death actually looks like in a universe in which Morgan Freeman isn’t God and people get old in a way Hollywood is hell bent on denying. Apart from some fun with a pigeon, nothing much happens but a slide towards the inevitable, but this is film making for grown ups and a gripping achievement that (for once) fully deserves the accolades being poured on it from on high.

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