NEW YORK – Austrian film maker Michael Haneke’s austere masterpiece Amour has been picking up nominations and awards every since it premièred at Cannes earlier this year and won the coveted Palme d’Or. But there is one award it won’t be getting: Best Comedy Film 2012.
The story of an elderly couple facing up to their own mortality and disintegration with dignity and stoicism was deemed ‘Just not funny enough’ by Alvin Mayers the chief judge of the Comedy Awards, hosted at the BinBin Club Times Square, NYC.

There was one scene with like a pigeon that had some potential but it just didn’t come off. I’m not saying Haneke needs to go gross out, but come on man, make a goddam effort. 

When Studio Exec  met up with his glumness earlier today, Michael Haneke said ‘It was typical’ and shook his head miserably:

I’ve been trying for years. I mean Funny Games I made twice because I thought they’d missed the joke the first time around as I’d stupidly made it in German. But alas, nothing. Everything is just falling apart and miserable and we die. We all die. Not now but later. Even that is depressing. We don’t die now. We have to wait.

Now with the competition effectively eliminated, the field looks clear for Here Comes the Boom to make a clean sweep. 

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