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HOLLYWOOD – The team responsible for bringing us American Crime Story: The People V OJ Simpson are to script the new trial of Bill Cosby and charges of sexual assault.

In a popular decision all round it was decided yesterday that the American Crime Story will script the new Bill Cosby trial. Court reporter Sam Stanks reported:

As soon as news came through that Cosby was going to have to face the charges, we knew that the American Crime Story team would be coming to cover the trial. Many of us know them from the research they did for Season 1 and the OJ case. So it made sense when the Judge McHugh ordered them to script the trial from the beginning. This will have two main effects. First it will mean that the television series will be as authentic as possible because we’re literally reading from the same script. Plus it will add some great twists and turns to the story.

Although American Crime Story season two looks set to cover Hurricane Katrina and the follow up, the Cosby case could well be the subject of the third season. The case will take place in Montgomery, Pennsylvania and will cover a number of charges that Cosby drugged and then sexually assaulted a number of women.

About this part of the news, no jokes were made.

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