alex from target

HOLLYWOOD – Alex from Target: the Motion Picture has been green lit and the internet sensation looks like getting the full Cameron Crowe treatment.

The Jerry Maguire director told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all my career. The story of an ordinary guy, just doing his thing, when bang love, celebrity and internet viral fame hit him all at the same time. You had me at Target!

The script has already been written – ‘I don’t spend much time on scripts,’ Crowe admitted – and now casting is the next step with One Direction pop sensation Harry Styles stepping in to play the role.

‘I’d love to play him,’ said Harry Styles. ‘He’s kinda my hero.’

Although the film will represent Harry Style’s debut (although he was rumored to be playing the Grey one in Young Gandalf), Harry is in no way fazed by the prospect.

As far as I can tell he just fills plastic bags with supermarket shopping. I think I’ll be able to handle that.

Alex from Target will be released in early 2015.



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