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HOLLYWOOD – Alec Baldwin engulfed in a ball of fire at Celebrity Roast.

Actor and celebrity parking space puncher Alec Baldwin disappeared in a sheet of flame when a special effect on his celebrity roast malfunctioned. The stench of roasting human hair and flesh filled the studio as the audience of celebrities and well wishers cheered and applauded, ignorant of the fire that was even then literally roasting the Glengarry Glen Ross star to death.

Robert de Niro who was sat close by told the Studio Exec:

It was … wow. I mean… that was this heat. Incredible heat. Of course, human fat is highly flammable and Alec was never slender. Boom he went up and that hair lacquer he always uses. Boom.

Despite Alec’s untimely conflagration Comedy Central declared the boradcast a hit with some of there best figures of the season.

Jim Carrey will be roasted alive next.

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