HOLLYWOOD – Al Pacino has been told to not eat sandwiches anymore because of an allergy.

Doctors ordered Godfather and Scarface star Al Pacino to stop eating sandwiches. The Serpico star phoned Studio Exec early this morning.

I don’t know what to say Pal. I talked to the doc and he said Al you gotta lay off the sandwiches.

All sandwiches?

All sandwiches.


My health. I have a rare sandwich allergy.

What like an allergy to the bread or something?

No I can eat bread.

So the butter?

No. I don’t use butter anyway.

So it’s like specific ingredients. Like Pastrami or something?

You’re not listening Exec. They said knock off the sandwiches. All of them. I can eat tomatoes and lettuce and bacon and bread, but if you put them together into a recognisable sandwich, I swell up and start choking.


I know.

Then you can just order a sandwich and like take it apart. Right?

I thought of that, but then I thought what’s the point? It’s too depressing. I’ll just have an omelette or something.

With fries.

Yeah. I like fries. And ketchup.

And cheesecake afterwards. 

Now we’re cooking.

Al Pacino will be appearing in Frankie and Johnny 2: the Salad Days.



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