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HOLLYWOOD –  John Wick 2 will see Keanu Reeves reunited with his oldest foe – Agent Smith.

The internet exploded today when the news came in that Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) will be coming up against John Wick in the sequel to the surprise action hit film of last year: John Wick 2. Although little is known of the new film, stunt men turned directing team Chad Stahelski and David Leitch popped around to the Studio Exec Bungalow to shoot the breeze, and the waiters, the dog, the glassware, the curtains and an exploding car: which they walked away from without looking back.

We loved directing Keanu in the old movie and we are absolutely hyped about the new one. But we felt that it needed an extra push to make it better and we’re both great admirers of the cinema of Paul Thomas Anderson and particularly what he did with the Predator and Alien franchise in Predator V Alien. And so we thought how can we cross over John Wick with something else Keanu has done. Originally we worked on a script called John Wick’s Bogus Journey, but it didn’t quite match the tone and then we thought, what if John Wick was actually taking place in another version of the Matrix before Neo was Neo? When he was John Wick? You see?

I get it.

Wick gets the job of killing Agent Smith, but of course that isn’t going to be easy. This will heighten the tension quite a bit. And we already have a scene where Smith says ‘Mr. Anderson’ and Keanu goes, ‘Err, no, John Wick, dude.’ And then blows his ass away. Oops Spoiler.

John Wick V Agent Smith will be released in 2017.

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