HOLLYWOOD – Following one of the most vicious bidding wars in recent Hollywood history, Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to the video game Desert Bus and has signed up Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro to take the helm. 

Described as the worst video game ever, Desert Bus was the brain child of illusionists Penn Jilette and Teller, also known as Penn and Teller, developed in the 1990s but never commercially released. 

Del Toro explained his enthusiasm EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

The object of the game is to drive in real time from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada. There is no pause button, it is in real time and if you complete the journey you get one point. There are no passengers, the landscape doesn’t change much but you have to always be careful because if the bus veers of the road you have to begin again from the start. The driver has zero personality. We already are in talks with Sam Worthington.

Desert Bus is due to start filming in August.

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