Muhammad Ali and son crash land on the set of a low budget remake of Avatar. Will Smith channels the voice of his father Morgan Freeman, providing psuedo philosophical narration over scenes of bad CGI that look like they were designed by a novice with no thumbs on a BBC Acorn computer.

Ali’s son jumps off fake cliffs, runs with fake zebras and fends off fake baboons. Having had little success of late revealing his obligatory twist. Shylaman gives the game away in the trailer which should carry the warning ‘Do not operate heavy machinery whilst watching this crap’.

Another mangy offering from the increasingly spineless Smith who wouldn’t recognise a meaty roll if it was smeared in mustard and rammed up his ass. Shylaman, who has long since been forsaken by the muses, once again proves that you don’t have to have talent to get your film financed. You just need a stupid name and Spielberg’s telephone number. Failing that a washed up Hollywood star who will take the role as long as his own kid can be in it too. 

The trailer equivalent of ten years of incessant solvent abuse.

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