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Established in 2012, the Studio Exec is a satirical movie based website, publishing spoof news, reviews and comedy masterpieces.

Our work has been reported internationally  and we have been directly responsible for three marital breakups, the sacking of fifteen copy editors and the devaluation of the word ‘satire.’
We do use profanity so if you’re under 18 go away.
If you wish to advertise with us or give us free money the email address is studioexec1@gmail.com and if you wish to contribute ideas, articles or give us free money the email address is studioexec1@gmail.com but if you wish to sue us or otherwise try to hurt us then the email address is shialabeouf@gmail.com  

Tom Hiddleston

William Friedkin

‘If you’re gonna make shit up about me, at least do it with the
imagination of Studio Exec’
Kevin Smith

We are also on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr.
The two contributing editors prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of maintaining personal and professional relationships.
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3 thoughts on “ABOUT THE STUDIO EXEC”

  1. Hi,

    I, uh, want to “contribute” to your webpage. How would one go about doing that?


    p.s. srsly though, I want to write for this site.

  2. What you don’t realize is, McCarthy would be perfect as a replacement character for Roseanne.

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