LONDON – Beloved British claymation character Morph is going to get his own movie, Aardman animation announced today.

Morph the Movie is coming to screens sometime next year, Aardman Animation announced. The studio that brought Wallace and Gromit to the big screen are now going into the past to resurrect one of their earliest characters. A¬†star of children’s TV shows on the BBC, first Take Hart and Hart Beat, Morph was a pal of¬†avuncular artist Tony Hart. Emerge from the artist’s pencil box, Morph would usually create some sort of mischief. He was later joined by Chas a far more disruptive presence. Both spoke gobbledygook and has the ability to transform into different shapes.

A synopsis of the new film reads:

Morph and the Build Up to the Iraq War will be a lighthearted satire on the Tony Blair years. Starting from the death of government scientist David Kelly, Morph and Chas get embroiled in the controversy of the so-called dodgy dossier. Unable to back up their claims of chemical weapons, Morph and his pal Chas travel to Baghdad to confront Saddam Hussein in an ill-timed attempt at diplomacy.

Morph and the Build Up to the Iraq War will be released in 2017.

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