ENGLANDBen Wheatley makes English films that are better than the English films made by Richard Curtis and John Madden. After the gothic gangsters of Kill List and the serial killing caravaneers of Sightseers, his latest is A Field in England, a kind of ‘Shroom Finder General, written by Amy Jump.  

Reece Shearsmith (of comedy group The League of Gentleman) is the coward, Whitehead, who in fleeing from a battle in the English Civil War finds himself, with two unlucky companions, in a search for treasure in an endless and inescapable field, goaded on by the demonic Irishman, O’Neill (Michael Smiley). The script is witty, the black and white photography stunning and the whole thing is mad – occasionally maddening – but entertainingly hallucinatory and mad dogs and Englishman mad.  It might not be for everybody, but f*ck you, I’m not everybody.

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