HOLLYWOOD – When a script is rejected that isn’t necessarily the end. Here are FIVE films that were made from rejected scripts from the hit 90s paranormal investigation series The X-Files:

Final Destination: When Jeffrey Reddick submitted his script about sexy teenagers who are systematically killed after avoiding death (fate’s a bitch), it was mostly ignored, except for two staff members who helped him develop it into a movie. For the record, there have been five Final Destination movies to date and only two (2) X-Files films.

Amélie: This 2001 romantic comedy explores the life of a waitress who tries to bring some happiness to the lives of strangers around her in spite of her own inner struggle and isolation. This story proved too out there for TV execs, despite the supernatural tone of the X-Files. For the duration of the film (set in France) all of the characters speak in an unknown language that top linguists have yet to decipher.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: While it may seem odd to include the Power Rangers on The X-Files due to the fact that they already had their own show on the network’s Fox Kids morning TV block, that wasn’t the reason it fell through… It was actually because  David Duchovney was, ironically, “way too f*ckin’ freaked out” by the monsters on the children’s show.

Triple X Files: This was David Duchovney’s idea.

It’s a Wonderful Life: This one perfectly fits in with the tone and themes of the X-Files series–a man preparing to commit suicide changes his mind after he is visited by three ghosts.  It was to be a three episode story arc, each episode focusing on one ghost (Christmas past, present and future).  However, this was 1946, and the director was not willing to wait 47 years until the 1993 premier of the X-Files‘s first season. Undeterred, they released it as a standalone film which unfortunately faded quickly into obscurity.

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