HOLLYWOOD – In an ongoing campaign to drown out the dissonance of stupidity, Studio Exec sings lead vocals of sense and truth, battling a dense cacophony of dumb with a rousing aria of 5 FACTs.

1.      Tom Hooper started his career making a series of porn films called Byker Grove from which all the sex was later removed. The far shorter films were shown on British television and horrified the nation, leading to legislation banning the city of Newcastle from ever being shown on screen again.
2.      While preparing The King’s Speech Hooper insisted on an audience with the Queen to go over various incidents that would be covered in the film. He then insisted on sitting on the Queen’s lap, ‘to see how it felt’. He also changed the race of the main character from German to English because Colin Firth couldn’t do a German accent.
3.      While on a press tour to promote The Damned United, Mr Hooper admitted to never having actually watched a game of football and being unsure what it entailed. It became clear that early in production he had mixed it up with polo and the budget had gone up on account of all the horses he had bought. ‘I sold them to Pete Jackson,’ he boasted, eating a cheese and onion pie (who had them killed).
4.      In a daring move, Tom decided that the cast of Les Miserables should all sing live during filming. For the most part this worked, but if you listen very carefully to the scenes involving Russell Crowe Tom Hooper’s voice can clearly be heard off camera saying, ‘Oh God make him stop, oh no please, what have I done? Sweet Jesus, no!’
5.      Tom Hooper comes from a famous theatrical family steeped in the traditions of English music hall. However, Tom is ashamed of this and changer his name to Hooper from Cooper in order to avoid the association.  His facial features are also a little bit too small for his head. 

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