NEW YORK – As Seinfeld returns to our screens (via Hulu) following a seven minute absence, the Studio Exec FACT team hung around with the surviving cast members to bring you some FACTS.

Here are the FACTS about Seinfeld:

1. Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish.

2. The slap bass used in the show’s musical stings and theme music was played by Chevy Chase.

3. George Constanza who plays Jason Alexander was based on show co-creator Larry David’s real life irritability.

4. Jerry Seinfeld has never been tempted to revive the popular sitcom, which ran from 1989 to 1998, preferring to spend his enormous talent on The Bee Movie and Masturbating in a Public Place with Comedians.

5. All of the ex-Seinfelders have been enormously successful in their post-Seinfeld careers. Julia Louise-Dreyfus is hilarious in Veep; Larry David has had a hit show with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Michael Richards… erm.

For more FACTS click HERE.

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