HOLLYWOOD – Following his amazing performance in Wally Pfister’s Transcendence, Johnny Depp is back to take over the world but what do we really know about him? We uploaded the FACT program and now have brought about a post-technological apoca-FACT!

1. Johnny Depp used to be an actor!

2. When Johnny Depp was seven years old, he stole some raspberries from a local grocery store, but felt guilty about it and took them back. No one had noticed the theft, nor little Johnny putting the raspberries back. Johnny never told anyone about the incident. In fact, he has no recollection of it, so it’s almost as if the event itself – which had no impact on how his life turned out – is vanishingly unimportant. And yet it is a fact.

3. Johnny Depp has had romances with some of the most beautiful young women in the world, including Winona Ryder, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Winnie Mandela, Vanessa Paradis and now the delightful Morgan Freeman.

4. In the industry, Johnny Depp’s nickname is Poster Boy, because of his tendency to steal the poster from any one else in the film, even poor Mia Wasikowska who played the lead role in Alice in Wonderland had the poster stolen from her. This led to a plot by Armie Hammer and Orlando Bloom to assassinate the Poster Boy which luckily was foiled.

5. Johnny Depp’s most popular character, beloved of children everywhere and a popular addition to any fancy dress party is Donnie Brasco. 

For more FACTS of any kind, but especial the FACTual Click Here. 

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