HALLOWEEN – It’s that time of year again, when everyone gets really angry at their children. So The Studio Exec has helpfully provided the FACT Squad with the mission to seek out 5 FACTS about Halloween.

1. Halloween was invented in 1978 by John Carpenter to promote his new movie ‘Halloween’. He got the name from his three year old daughter who used to say she need to hall-o-ween when ever she needed the toilet.

2. The most frightening movie ever made was Cannibal Holocaust, a film so brutal that American Association for the Protection of Cannibals refused to give it an end of credits disclaimer that stated ‘No cannibals had been harmed in the making of this movie’. Many of the cannibals – it was stated at the time – had put on weight during the production.

3. The phrase ‘trick or treat’ was originally a sixteenth century cry of a street walker in the London borough of Lambeth. In 1967 it was adopted by the US Congress as their motto.

4. Hall O’Ween, the Irish entrepreneur who made Halloween popular in the early eighties, changed his name by deed poll in order to popularize the holiday. He was originally called Mister Chiefnight.

5. Ronald Reagan in 1986 changed the date of Halloween to the 25th of December, but the move only lasted one year as it was considered too cold for the children to go out trick or treating. And it was also pointed out that it clashed with Christmas Day.

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