CANNES – As we prepare for ten days of debauchery interrupted by some ‘films’ what do we REALLY know about the 67th French Film Festival called Cannes?

The Studio Exec FACT team are on the Croissette.

1. Cannes is called Cannes, because Cannes is French for Cans, and films – before they could be illegally downloaded -used to come in cans!

2. The top prize at Cannes is the Palme D’Or. Initially, the Palme D’Or was a sexual act that could be performed alone, but with time it became synonymous with art house cinema and especially the films of Lars Von Trier.

3. Lars Von Trier was declared ‘Persona Non Grata’ at the 2011 festival after making jokes about being a Nazi. Persona Non Grata is Latin and roughly translates as ‘Here’s a lot of Publicity for Free’.

4. The head of the Jury this year is Jane Campion. She is a woman. You heard it right. A. Woman.   

5. The Croissette is the name given to the Crescent of the beach on which Cannes is situated. Every day at twelve o clock they fire an American Independent filmmaker out of a cannon at the castle in the old town to mark the hour. Since 1989 this honor has been reserved to winners of the Sundance Film Festival.

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