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HOLLYWOOD – Sacha Baron Cohen is in cinemas this week with the worst flop of his career, The Brothers Grimsby, but what do we really know about the mercurial comic genius?

The Studio Exec FACT Squad were launched onto an unsuspecting world this month to find out who in the world Sacha Baron Cohen really is.

  1. Borat, the journalist from Kazakhstan who we all enjoyed laughing at in the 2006 film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan because he was racist even though laughing at him like that was a little bit racist, was actually Sacha Baron Cohen! I know.
  2. Bruno, the gay fashion journalist who exposed homophobia hilariously in the film Bruno in 2009 though laughing at him did kind of make us a little bit homophobic too, was actually Sacha Baron Cohen! As well.
  3. Ali G, who featured in the hilarious film Ali G Inda House and presented alongside Emily Blunt at the Oscars last month and hilariously mocked the lack of diversity at the Oscars by making jokes about the Chinese… also Sacha Baron Cohen.
  4. Freddie Mercury, who had hundreds of hit singles and sold millions of hit albums including the soundtrack to the Science Fiction Classic Flash, both as a solo artist and with the popular rock group and best pub band in the world Queen, was going to be Sacha Baron Cohen, but died in 1991 before his dream could be realized.
  5. Donald Trump is not, despite rumors to the contrary, Sacha Baron Cohen.

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