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HOLLYWOOD – The Studio Exec FACT squad today got the train so that they could give you the low down on the Girl on the Train: Emily Blunt.

So here are 5 Emily Blunt FACTS:

One. Although she’s in a film called The Girl on the Train, she has never in fact been on a train in her life because she is too rich and in England, rich people are not allowed on trains.

Two. Emily is a keen smoker of what our Jamaican friends’ call the Herb. So much so that in her native England, her surname has become synonymous with a reefer cigarette. So someone might say ‘pass me that “Blunt”, please. I want to get “high”‘.

Three. When making the Science Fiction film, Emily was criticized by her co-star Tom Cruise for repeatedly messing up scenes so they had to do them again and again. ‘It was crazy,’ says Tom. ‘She would keep changing the lines. In the end we rewrote the script so we could use all the footage.’ Emily Blunt wasn’t in Cowboys and Aliens. That was Olivia Wilde.

Four. Emily Blunt’s favorite food is cauliflower, which she eats from a bucket.

Five. Denis Villeneuve cast Emily in Sicario because Emily herself hired a sicario and threatened to have him killed if he didn’t. ‘I’ve heard of the method,’ Denis told the Exec. ‘But this is ridiculous.’


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