There is nothing more fun in movies than spotting movie mistakes: Rick’s wet then dry raincoat in Casablanca, wrist watches and blue jeans in Gladiator and the Storm Trooper banging his head in Star Wars. So tie your shoe laces, comb your hair, choose your favourite zebra cushion to sit on and prepare to enjoy Studio Exec’s Top 5 Movie Mistakes.

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Upon its release Michael Bay’s film was greeted by the sound of the critical community collectively hurling into a tin bucket. Once the sound of splattering had died down and cooler regard was given to what went on nevertheless to be a massively successful blockbuster, one critic pointed out a very obvious mistake. If you watch the film until about 33 minutes in and pause it, concentrate. And you can feel clearly that this is a waste of your life. Already watching  a film in which a bunch of toys smash up cities for no particular reason is dumb but to watch three of these films: a mistake. A definite mistake.
  2. Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom is one of those actors who you expect to say he never meant to be an actor. But he did. He actually tries to do what he does. Otherwise known as Orlando Blando or Borelando Bloom. The amusement you get from these names is the net worth of Mr. Bloom. 
  3. Quantum of Solace. With Skyfall‘s success the dribbley turd of Quantum of Solace can probably be forgotten. Daniel Craig has recently claimed that they made QofS badly on purpose ‘like Ali taking all of Foreman’s punishment’ so that then they could make Skyfall as surprisingly good. But a mistake nonetheless.
  4. George Lucas. George Lucas’ mistakes have already been recounted so often it is redundant to repeat them here. Of all the many mistakes he has made throughout his career the most important has to be that he didn’t go and live in a Buddhist monastery in 1982. Some might say but wait aren’t you forgetting  Return of the Jedi (1983)? And the answer would be, ‘Yes’.
  5. Prometheus. The first thing to say is… no I can’t be bothered. Prometheus. No, no and thrice no.
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