HOLLYWOOD – With beards taking over the world, it occurred to us here at the Studio Exec bungalows to have a long hard look at the  different manifestations of chin herbage to have graced the silver screen.


1. Tom Hanks in Castaway: Tom Hanks sported his crazy old man from the beginning of Monty Python look for Robert Zemeckis’s  updating of Robinson Crusoe. Hanks grew his beard for real and is said to have preserved it once filming was over, keeping it in a jar next to his Victorian dolls’ heads collection.

2. Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Clint Eastwood grew his beard following Sergio Leone’s detailed instructions, though he had turned down the opportunity for Leone to film the growing of the beard as an opening sequence. The stubble of the first two Dollars films becomes the beard of the crowning of the trilogy. Plus because of its modesty few would accuse the wearer of being a hipster.Lew_main_1661547a

3. Al Pacino in Serpico: To see baby faced Al go from the fresh faced young recruit to the hip undercover cop is to watch facial hair take on the major character arch of the movie. See also Tom Cruise in Born on the Fourth of July.

4. Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln: Showing his usual commitment to verisimilitude, Daniel Day Lewis grew a beard.


5, Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder: wait a minute! I don’t know how this got in here. I mean how can Nicole Kidman be a beard, surely that should be …




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