music of chance
47 Films to see before you’re murdered in your dreams begins with the little seen wall building classic ‘The Music of Chance’.
A film about men made by a man starring men and a couple of women. Diego Montoya and a snake hipped James Spader build a wall made out of ten thousand stones to pay off a gambling debt. The end. But oh but oh, but, but oh. Behind the mindless monotony of their task there is meaning and that meaning is that everything is meaningless and the promise of spiritual reward is just a lie we tell ourselves to keep us going. 
Or maybe not. Maybe it’s about life being like a game of poker and you have to make the best out of the hand you’re dealt. Some limp in with their hand and some risk it all but in the end the house usually wins. The house being God, or the universe, or perhaps even death. Though I have read it’s a mathematical puzzle based on Game Theory and the 10,000 stones are significant because they represent a…
Ah hell. Nobody really knows what it’s about. It’s about everything and nothing. It’s a multi-layered philosophical masterpiece or an absurdest grim fairy tale about two losers laying brick.
Mandy Patinkin, despite his effeminate name sweats pure testosterone and looks like a pale Incredible Hulk but it’s Spader as the slippery degenerate gambler that steals the show. From his tailoring, to his mannerisms to his facial hair. It’s a bona fide character acting masterclass with a cherry on top.
Actually come to think of it I do know what the film is about. It’s about friendship and how the reward of collaborating on a project, however tedious or physically exhausting, is not the eventual completion of the project but the act of collaboration itself. Then again if you take into account when that thing happens with two other guys which leads to the other thing it’s probably about the cyclical nature of….
Oh for Christ sake. I don’t have all the answers. Stop bothering me and figure it out for your god damn self!
But if you do figure it out send me a mail or something.
Because I’m struggling here.
To be honest it’s not even that great a film it just sticks with you.
I’ll go now.
But if and when you do figure it send me that mail.
The very second you figure it out. Okay?.
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