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HOLLYWOOD – Following the announcement by Disney that they are to shoot a live action Jungle Book next year – directed by Andy Sirkis and Warner Bros that they will follow it in 2016 with The Jungle Book: Origins, Sony have announced a further take on the much loved Rudyard Kipling novel: The Amazing Jungle Book.

A source close to the studio said:

People just can’t get enough of of Rudyard Kipling’s brilliant book. We read it here at the studio and were amazed that the songs weren’t in there. No ‘Bear Necessities’, no ‘I Wanna Be Like You (ooo oooo)’, nothing. Anyway, it’s still good. And more importantly, it’s out of copyright.

Casting has already begun on the Sirkis Jungle Book, with Christopher Walken and Bill Murray on board to give their vocal talents to the CGI animals. For The Jungle Book: Origins, there are no locked stars but we have learned that Joaquin Phoenix, Daniel Day Lewis and Rutger Hauer are all considered unlikely. The Amazing Jungle Book will star Andrew Garfield who, producers say, just keeps getting younger and younger.

The Jungle Books will be released in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  

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