CANNES – Community show-runner Dan Harmon will be on the Croissette next month with his directorial debut and the opening film of the Cannes Film Festival, the eagerly awaited 3D spectacular Space Nugget starring Aaron Eckhart.

Little is known about the film, except that it is not a comedy and has been trailed extensively on the Harmon Town podcast. One industry insider who saw an early cut of the film described it as being ‘similar to Gravity in its basic scientific inaccuracy’.   

The first act tells the story of a mining operation in what is described as the most dangerous asteroid field in the Universe. Aaron Eckhart plays Captain Martial Pending, a space pirate, who seeks refuge behind the Space Nugget when a desperate Space Robbery goes wrong, but then they are caught up in an intergalactic war between The Corporation and the Love Biscuit Front. Eddie Murphy plays a straight role as villain Luther Larry Legal.

Dan Harmon himself has denied all knowledge of the film and maintains that the whole thing is a ‘joke’.

Space Nugget 3D will premier May 14th.

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