It was announced today that there will be three films released in the calendar year of 2013 which will not feature Jessica Chastain but the identity of the films is being kept a strict secret for fear of damaging their commercial prospects. The red headed actress is currently at the top of the box office charts with torture fun in Zero Dark Thirty and horror drama Mama.

Jessica Chastain (left and right)

Some have claimed that there have already been a series of films in which La Chastain has played parts which have then been credited to other actresses. According to Oscar Boheme, it was Chastain and not Hathaway who took the Dukan diet and dreamt a dream in a recent award winning hit. ‘In Lawlessthere’s a scene with Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain, but if you freeze frame it, you can see quite clearly that she is in fact playing both the roles,’ said Mr. Boheme.

Some actress have criticised Chastain. Gwyneth Paltrow said, ‘She hasn’t even tried to write a cook book.  What’s the point in that?’
Of course now with her chameleon like reputation secure, there is a danger that directors will claim to have cast Chastain when they have not. The rumour that Sam Mendes was spreading that she had played the villain in Skyfall is most likely not true. 
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