Friday 30 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – Following the moderate success of War Horse, Steven Spielberg has announced that two sequels will follow the adventures of Joey: Peace Horse and Glue Factory Horse.

Although Steven will not take the director’s chair he will oversee productions as an Executive Producer, leaving the shouting of ‘action’ and ‘cut’ to old friend Spike Lee.

Peace Horse has already got a script and some of the story is known as an early draft of the script by Frank Darabont leaked onto the Internet. Having survived for the horrors of the First World War, Joey and his best friend and owner, Albert return to the farm even as Georgia burns in the background. Joey is set to work ploughing the fields as the increasingly unsentimental Albert follows his father into depression and alcoholism. Following the death of his parents, Albert marries Nora, a girl who it turns out also has a horse, called Mimsy, who Joey falls in love with. However, Albert stating boldly that ‘we don’t need two horses’ shoots Mimsy in the foreface with his father’s shotgun, before in a drunken rage turning the gun on his wife and then himself.

The second film starts in the smoking ruins of the farm with David Thewlis – reprising his role as Lyons – frames Joey for the murder of Albert and Nora and sells Joey to a glue factory. What happens next is as yet unclear but the running time of the film (21 minutes) doesn’t look good for Joey.

Spielberg said ‘When we made the first War Horse no animal was harmed despite our best efforts. I’m hoping Spike Lee will manage finally to kill this goddam horse.’

War Horse 2 and 3 will be released in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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