HOLLYWOOD – Steve McQueen’s award winning slave drama 12 Years a Slave is to be remade by Tower Heist director Brett Ratner

The Rush Hour 2 director said: 

12 Years is long, long overdue a remake. Basically there’s a whole younger generation of fans out there who’ve not seen this material. And even the old die hard geeks are going to love what we’re thinking of doing with the Solomon Northup universe.  

Despite early rumors to the contrary, actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender will not be returning to play their roles. The Red Dragon – as he prefers to be called – continued:

We’re going with some fresh faces and youth in it. I’ve been talking to Hayden Christensen about the role and he’s intrigued even though he still thinks I’m joking. And I’m still after Andrew Garfield, though I know he’s reluctant to sign on, because of the similarities to his Spider-Man role. The tone of our version is going to be a lot lighter. I think if there’s one criticism one can make of the original (and I love it for it’s old timeyness), it’s that it does tend to concentrate on the less fun aspects of slavery.  

 But there weren’t any fun aspects to slavery?

Well, exactly. That’s what you think now. But wait until you see our version.

 And when will we see it?

I’m currently finishing the post-production on my Three Colors: Blue remake [for more on that project Click Here], starring Cameron Diaz. But that will be locked over the next weeks and then production on 12 Years will begin in May.

Brett Ratner’s 12 Amazing Years a Slave will be released in 2015.


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