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The Studio Exec managed to get a sit down with Deadpool to discuss life and love via the medium of an SEO friendly top five list:

The Proposal

I adore Sandra Bullock. That movie when she fools that coma patient into believing she’s his fiancée, man, I didn’t didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or jerk off. What I like about The Proposal is that you get three MILFS for the price of one and even if you haven’t managed to finish yourself off during a Bullock scene, you can crack your knuckles safe in the knowledge that Mary Steenburgen or Betty White will be along at any moment. Also, the movie is a multi-layered commentary on gender politics in the modern workplace, and who wouldn’t get turned on by that?

The Green Lantern

I reckon I could take the Green Lantern. Sure, he’s got a magic ring but I figure I’d just cut off his hands and make him a bullet sandwich. I thought it was pretty brave of the director to hire Stevie Wonder to do the CGI and even though the special-effects were dubious, I think all the flack Stevie got in the press was unwarranted. I mean, this is the guy who wrote Superstition, cut the man some slack, he was trying something new.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I’m saving the full story of what went down for my autobiography but basically, I wanted Anthony Hopkins to play me but he wanted too much money so we ended up with this Canadian guy who nobody has heard of. An interesting fact for you, in the original script his mouth wasn’t supposed to be sewn up I did that myself for shits and giggles.


For me, this is Stanley Kubrick’s best movie and the fact that he managed to direct it fourteen years after his death is all the more impressive.


As Sean Connery said in Moonraker, it’s a lot easier to get a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a kind word and a sword than it is with just a kind word.

Deadpool is released on February 12th.


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