Friday 27 May 2016
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HOLLYWOOD – No sooner had the final battle cries of The Hobbit died out than Peter Jackson has embarked on another fantasy franchise: a remake of the 1984 Wolfgang Petersen film The NeverEnding Story.

The official synopsis reads:

Based on the Michael Ende novel, the film will tell the story of Bastian Bux (Elijah Wood), a young boy who is bullied at school and finds his only escape in books and in particular a book which transports him to a land called Fantasia ruled by a sick princess (Cate Blanchett) who lives in an ivory tower with no sense of irony.  She summons a young warrior called Atreyu (Orlando Bloom) to set and defeat the Nothing (George Lucas in his first major acting role) which threatens the land.

The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson told the Studio Exec:

I am very excited to get away from Middle Earth if only for a little while. At first I was a bit cautious about returning to fantasy but I read the book and fell in love with it. I was already a fan of the film. Especially the Limahl song [sings] ‘NeverEnding Story, do-de-do-de-de-do-de-de-do!’

Yes. Good. Fantastic. STOP! Now, how will you approach the film? 

At first I thought it’s going to be impossible to slim down into one film. I wanted to do a simple 90 minute story. But then I realised, who am I kidding? The title is the clue. So we’re going to make fifteen films back-to-back and no one in New Zealand need never go hungry or on holiday again.

The NeverEnding Story Parts 1-16 will be released over the next twenty years. 

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  1. Mateo

    The movie is a classic and I hope Mr.Jackson can really bring it like he did in Lord Of The Rings with good balance of 3d and practical and to give the new generation a real sense of The NeverEnding Story and what it’s all about. The movie came out in 1984 best year ever !!!! Please change the year thx.

    1. Margz

      Love this movie watched it like 100 times, I even named my dog “FALCOR” after the luck dragon.
      It will be awesome. Can’t wait.

    2. Adam

      Are you serious? Just reading the synopsis proves that this is complete BS. Elijah Wood can’t play a kid’s role anymore, he’s a grown man. Cate Blanchett is too old to play the Childlike Empress. Orlando Bloom? The poster read the castlist of Lord Of The Rings. I can’t believe there are people that fall for this? Is this your first time on the internet?

      1. John

        Adam, Great comment! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was laughing my ass off and thought am I the only one reading this that feels like Mugatoo in Zoolander “Am I the only one here taking crazy pills, what the hell’s goin’ on around here.” (as in, this can’t POSSIBLY be real). Thanks again for the laugh, man…and for setting the record straight before anyone else posts this garbage on social media or it winds up on the Top Story manifest at ABC’s Nightline lol. Cheers!

    1. Wellington Film Contractor

      Wellington Crews will at last be given the chance to earn a year round living from what they trained and have starved for, to be able to do the work they love and have trained for and now be paid for it.

      I can see a possible new training ground for younger technicians to train under the guidance of the more experienced crew. However I would like to see experienced crew members hired before any new inexperienced trainees.

      Wellington has long been at a disadvantage as far as regular Film work goes, and only a small and click group seem to be given any work. All the rest get is short films that pay nothing and go nowhere.

      This City is filled with talented Artists and specialized Film technicians all having to exist by other means. Hopefully this wont just be for Digital Artist’s but actual live crew that work with Live actors and Actresses on a real Live Set.

      Lets wait and see what happens!

        1. Cemetery Jones

          LOL, putting a human face on the army of gullible ‘patriots’ who marched against workers’ rights under the ‘save the Hobbit’ banner so that Warner could get some fatter tax breaks and Jackson wouldn’t have to pay people fairly for their work…

    1. jnr

      It takes real talent to come up satire that works, and yet won’t be misconstrued as a “real atricle”. And then again, there are those who purposely and mischievously make people think that what they’re reading is factual.

    1. Adam

      There are far too many stupid people on the internet that don’t use their brains. If they read it, they can easily spot that it’s complete crap just by the cast list alone

  2. Haddock

    Did Mr. Jackson forget he was scheduled to direct the Tintin sequel right after the Hobbit trilogy finished? What is going on with that?

  3. Mark Jason

    Some of the people commenting on here might like to contact me.. I have a sack of magic beans that I’m selling..

  4. Mark Hennessy-Barrett

    As someone who, like many, can only read headlines and am incabable of maintaining my attention for the enormous body of work that is reading four *whole* paragraphs, please let me describe in meticulous detail everything that I think is wrong about this idea. I’ll be serious. I’ll cite cases. I’ll use my own traumatic experience of 5 years in VFX as credentials while I wax on ad nauseam about my own ideas, which are obviously better than anyones.

  5. Chris

    Are you people serious? The who article is a joke. Don’t you get it the writer of this has done a good job to fool so many people lol.
    P.s I hope no one ever remakes this film. Leave it as it is (a masterpiece)

  6. Louise

    One of the most astounding kidult books ever written. If you haven’t read it, you might have a nostalgic liking for the film.

    If you’ve read it, you will know that there is so much more than the low-calorie, heavily sugared version made in the 80s, complete with pop singer Limahl’s bubblegum overture.

    Thank heavens Peter Jackson has read the book. I look forward to seeing justice done to this amazing story.

    If you have a kid of 8 or so, do them a favor and read this to them. And please, now that it’s been taken up by Mr Jackso, may there be an illustrated book released with the different colored print for the action that takes place in Fantastica.

  7. Annie Namuse

    1) I think most of those commenting didn’t really read the article. It is a JOKE.
    2) If Peter Jackson DID remake this film, it would possibly have a discernible plot and the special effects would be a tiny bit better than dodgy blue screen and a fan.
    3) In this house I refer to it as the “Never Ending Movie” and happily, it is not among our DVDs. My husband agrees with me on this one, and despite the multitude of fantasy films in our collection this one will never be a part of that collection. We only do quality, and this film, has none.

  8. AlexE

    I cannot believe Mr Jackson is so wedded to such old school notions as a “film” with “release dates” and an “end”.

    If the Hobbit can span multiple films, I would have expected Mr Jackson to take this to the next level, why would the Neverending Story need ends, with today’s computer generated cast, scenery and the possibilities of machine learning, why would this not be a continuous feed? 24/7 always on fantasy with MMORP tie in and seasonal clothing merchandise.

    Move on, innovate.

  9. Frodo

    Here’s the demographic breakdown:

    Teens – 20 somethings think this is real and either didn’t read or get the satire which goes right over their dum downed heads.

    Over 40 understands what satire is and found this mildly humorous.

    Everyone in between actually has a life and isn’t on the internet enough to have noticed this article.

    BTW – After listing exclusively several of the leading actors from LOTR/Hobbit the writer says the best lines of the article: “The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson told the Studio Exec: I am very excited to get away from Middle Earth if only for a little while.”

    But not TOO much away. COL! (That’s C-huckle O-ut L-oud)

  10. Dobbs

    Personally it just won’t be the same without the actor who originally portrayed the book store owner.
    His name was Tom & he was my great uncle.
    Unfortunately, he is no longer with us.
    Not to be a downer or anything. I loved that movie. It always makes me remember what an amazing life an amazing man led.
    He had incredible stories and was such a genuinely good person.

  11. Cruz

    I love the story but 16 films are too much! I also would like to see new young actors in the film and not the same faces…

  12. James

    I guess not everyone gets sarcasm. Folks, it’s a joke. Not happening. Poking fun at what Jackson has done with films.

  13. Newtonslife

    This is utterly dissapointing! This is what’s wrong with our world that ppl will actuallu piss money away for 20 years on this. Really 16 parts? The days of drawing things out should be over. I’ll keep the original in my life. Everyone else feel free to piss your time and money away on the new 16 part crap!

  14. seth

    The only way that I think that it will be anywhere near as good as the first movie is if he brings the Jim Henson company in to help with the animatronics like Falcor.

  15. Abel

    This book is my life. The film was the first film I saw in 3 years and I stood. But please read you the book and later the movie Do good. I want to see a fat Bastian and not very handsome, the Igramul spider …. everything and as explained in the book.

  16. cami

    No to all the actors! The story needs kids to play kids and not use actors over 30. It would be great to see new multiethnic talent for once.

    16 installments over 20 years – what is this Land Before Time? That would probably ruin it for me. Perhaps 2-3 films at the most.

    Peter Jackson could pull it off, but so would Guillermo del Toro, Tim Burton or M. Night Shyamalan.

  17. Elaina

    I will have to admit that I never got into any of the The Hobbit movies or any of The Harry Potter movies.
    But this one I will be watching them all for sure!

  18. Aris Abarintos

    Very much excited! We named our 2 kids after the stars of that movie Bastian and Atreyu. If we could have another and if its a girl, we will call her Auryn (the symbol from the book)

  19. Ryan

    Elijah Wood did not play Bastian, a kid by the name of Barrett Oliver did. I didn’t even bother reading the rest of the article, if you can’t spend 30 seconds to check IMDB to verify your info on something like the main character’s name then why would I trust anything you had to say in the rest of the article.

  20. Wroblewski

    Hahahahaha!!! I just spent the last five minutes reading all the comments out loud to my husband. Most of these people either don’t understand satire or just read the headline and didn’t bother to read the whole article! Even my 8 year old daughter got that this was a joke!

  21. Troy

    interesting!! hope he asks the original cast members to be involved somehow. not reprising their original roles, of course, but maybe as parents/family members there-of.


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