Thursday 24 August 2017
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HOLLYWOOD – In our continuing series of publishing the best synopses from the hallowed vaults of the Studio Exec Black List, we proudly present Sleep Fighter.

A martial arts action movie, Sleep Fighter would be the perfect vehicle for that Jim Jarmusch – Jean Claude Van Damme crossover we’ve yet to see. Here is the synopsis in FULL:

Joe Varney, a muscle bound man in his fifties with a slight Belgian accent, is a black ops specialist with a martial arts and who has worked in some of the hottest conflict points on the Earth. His prowess in combat is second to none, but during an operation in Central America he is left with a grievous wound to his skull that has the side effect of giving him narcolepsy of life changing irritation. Shipped back to the States, Varney recovers only to find that the Communists and Islamist Terrorists and Russian Mafia have joined together to take advantage of his weakness. Add to this his teenage daughter has a Muslim boyfriend, and they want to set married and move to ISIS!

Unbeknownst to his enemies, Varney is taken to a top secret sleep clinic where he is trained to fight in his sleep, rendering his weakness into a super powerful component of his terrorism fighting prowess. And not a second too late, as CITRM choose the occasion of his daughter’s wedding to attack Varney as he snoozes through the best man’s speech. Will Varney defeat his foes and in doing so impress on his daughter the need to fire a rocket launcher at her new husband and fire him through a plate glass window and into the gravel forecourt six floors down? Will his ex-wife look with new longing at him, having realized her rich new husband is a limp dick douche by comparison?

Read the FULL script of SLEEP FIGHTER and find out!

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